Terms & Conditions
  • There is no charge to register or apply for Prediction Herobots.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed. Any entrant who enters more than the permitted maximum will result in his/her team to be disqualified and any prize award will be void.
  • All qualifying contestants must provide an official certificate or proof of enrollment, as well as proof of personal identity. In the case your identity is not verified, you may be disqualified, and any prize award will be void.
  • Competition entries must be submitted in the manner and by the closing date specified on the Prediction Herobots homepage. Failure to do so will disqualify the entry.
  • Prize winners will be chosen after careful judgement by the research team at NeuralBC from the 10 qualifying entries.
  • Judgement will include validation of the prediction module, reports and explanation of the model, analysis of the prediction data (backed up in realtime), count reduction during periods where provided dataset was unstable or abnormal, and consistency.
  • In all matters, the decision of the judge(s) shall be final, and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered.
  • Winners will be notified following the judgement period, estimated 3weeks, after the competition has ended.
  • Winners who fail to respond within 48 hours of prize notification will be deemed to be waiving their prize claim and the prize will be forfeited in which case may result in the selection of an alternate winner.
  • All taxes and charges when claiming the prize are the sole responsibility of the prize winner.
  • Qualificants for the final round are required to work on their prediction model entry until the competition reaches a finish (May 20, 2019).
  • Qualificants’ entries will be shown live on 3PIKS.com during the validation period. However, the results are not final and may change after data analysis.
  • Qualificants who do not show consistency throughout the competition will be deemed as forfeit and will be disqualified. Qualificants who miss 96 (4days) or more predictions will be considered inconsistent.
  • The entry model must reach an accuracy of 70% or above for the total counted predictions in order to qualify for the grand prize. If more than one team reaches over 70%, the winner will be decided on performance and grade. If no team reaches over 70% accuracy, it may result in no winner for the grand prize.
  • By participating, contestant agrees to have his or her name, voice, or likeness used in any advertising or broadcasting material relating to this contest without additional financial or other compensation.
  • Upon submission of your entry to Prediction Herobots, COSMICBC PTE. LTD. claims all rights of ownership including Intellectual Property Rights.
  • The summary of the submitted model must clearly indicate any source for existing models used as reference. If the submitted model proves to be infringing the rights of a third party or created in an improper way such as theft or plagiarism, COSMICBC PTE. LTD. May cancel the selection of the preliminary and finals entries and return the prize money and scholarship funds already paid out.